Monkey Go Happy 1

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Monkey Go Happy 1

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monkey go happy 1


In Monkey Go Happy you need to make this poor little monkey happy! Solve the different puzzles as you make your way thru this amazing and entertaining game. If you want to attain the best score, complete each level as quickly as possible. Do you best and make this little guy happy!


Click on different portions on the screen, solve the mini-puzzles, shoot em up, and so much more! There is no end to the fun you can have.

This game should not take a long time to complete, usually you can complete all the levels with just one attempt. Most people can even finish in 15 to 20 minutes. A charming flash game with multiple levels and so much fun to play. You may even notice that your children can improve their deductive skills as they make their way along the intriguing levels. Pay attention and keep a sharp mind. The levels must be completed in succession and must be done as quickly as possible. If you are sharp and click on the objects in the correct order, you can move on to the next phase in less than one minute. Solve each level, accomplish your goal and move on to the end of the game. Play as much as you want, the more you play, the better chance you have to attain the highest score.

Make it to the end and you win the game.
Here are the levels for Monkey Go Happy 1:

1 – The Island, 2 – Fireworks, 3 – Duck Shoot, 4 – Bowling Alley, 5 – Television, 6 – Crane Game, 7 – Cannon Fire, 8 – Wall Puzzle, 9 – Rube Goldberg Mechanics, 10 – Whack the Mole, 11 – Ball in Balloon, 12 – Crack the Safe, 13 – Christmas Tree

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