Monkey Go Happy 2

Play Monkey Go Happy 2 and cheer up this tiny ape!

Monkey Go Happy 2

Play Monkey Go Happy 2

monkey go happy 2

Monkey GO Happy is back! This time with an extra monkey to please :)

Use you mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Solve puzzles, shoot stuff and more!

Monkey Go Happy 2

This is the long awaited sequel to the original MGH. Additional levels have been added, plus the new levels are more engaging that the first MGH. Play all 15 levels and make your monkey happy.

Level 1 – Monkey Go Happy 2 Hot Air Balloon
Up, up and away. Help the monkey make the hot air balloon fly.

Level 2 – Monkey Go Happy 2 Snowman
It’s cold outside and the snow is on the ground. Run over the snowman with the snow sled.

Level 3 – Monkey Go Happy 2 Oiled Cloth
It’s going to be a hot one. Use the rocks and light the oiled cloth.

Level 4 – Monkey Go Happy 2 Enemies
Go ahead and make my day. Shoot the enemy before he shoots you.

Level 5 – Monkey Go Happy 2 Projector
Night of the movies. Use the projector to complete the grid.

Level 6 – Monkey Go Happy 2 Form A Word
Confused? Don’t be. Click on the squares with question marks to form the words.

Level 7 – Monkey Go Happy 2 Safe
You need to be an expert safe cracker for this phase of the game. Make the monkey happy and open the safe.

Level 8 – Monkey Go Happy 2 Boat
You’re going on a three hour cruise. Solve the puzzle to get to the boat.

Level 9 – Monkey Go Happy 2 Clouds
Try to find the silver lining. Click on the clouds and make them vanish.

Level 10 – Monkey Go Happy 2 Treasure Chest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Find the treasure in the treasure chest.

Level 11 – Monkey Go Happy 2 Truck
Time to get a little greasy. Repair the truck and drive away.

Level 12 – Monkey Go Happy 2 Door
Are you a locksmith? Find the secret and open the door.

Level 13 – Monkey Go Happy Marbles
Let’s play a game of marbles. Look carefully and find all 30 marbles.

Level 14 – Monkey Go Happy Gun
Head to the shooting gallery. Shoot all 20 targets with the gun.

Level 15 – Monkey Go Happy Eggs
Just in time for Easter. Collect all 39 eggs and complete the game.

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