Monkey Go Happy 5

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Monkey Go Happy 5

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monkey go happy 5

Monkey Go Happy 5 is ready for you to play. As you know this is the 5th version of the fantastic MGH game series. This is how you play. Click the areas located on your display in order to resolve the riddle. Complete each section as quickly as possible and keep an eye on the timer. The quicker you finish means more points are awarded.

There are 16 levels to complete. Read on to see the levels and maybe pick up a few tips.

Chicken Stick is the first level on Monkey Go Happy 5. Help the chicken grab the stick and place it in the alligators mouth. Do it quick or the gator will have chicken for lunch. Dynamite Box is next, locate the fire and ignite the dynamite. Record Player is the 3rd level to complete. If you choose the right record, you can make beautiful music. The Painting is the fourth level. Bring out your inner artist and complete the painting.

Moving onward to the fifth level in Monkey Go Happy 5, we have Car Keys. A driver has accidentally dropped his keys in a street grate. Manuever the magnet and recover his keys. Next is Balloon Pump. After you locate the balloon, pump it up and move on to the next level. Train is the seventh section. This is a puzzle of a train. Get it done and head down the rail. Car Tow is the eighth level. Stack em up and move em out.

Monkey Go Happy 5 section nine is named Gateway. Align the objects on each side of the swinging gate. Cassette is puzzle number 10. Insert the tape in the video player. Level 11 is the Torch. Ignite the bowls after you locate the fire. Code Button is next. If you do this correctly the astronaut can fly home.

Monkey Go Happy 5 section 13 is called Fish Key. Use the net to locate the key and unlock the fish shed. The 14th level is called The Witch. Locate her goodies and she takes off on her broom. Like to shoot targets? The 15th section of the game is perfect for you. Shoot Em Up has five areas with targets. Banana Picker is the 16th level. Locate the objects listed and use them to help you grab the bananas.

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